Vzor životopisu v anglickom jazyku

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životopis v anglickom jazyku
Prinášame vám vzor štruktúrovaného životopisu v anglickom jazyku.

Personal data

Given name and surname

Ing. Lenka Brčkavá

Date of birth

7.7. 1985


Mlynská dolina 25, 845 45 Bratislava


+421 9xx xxx xxx


2004 – 2009

University of Economics in Bratislava
Faculty of International Relations
Field of Study: Economic diplomacy

2000 – 2004

Ladislav Novomeský Grammar School, Senica


Additional education

Summer 2000

German language course, Eduko

2002 (6 months)

Paso Robles High School, California, USA
Secondary school exchange programme

Employment history

1/2011 – present

Profesia, spol. s r.o. (web portal)
Job position: marketing specialist
Job responsibilities:[/tooltip]

  • Preparation and distribution of marketing materials, promotional items, etc.
  • Cooperation with advertising, PR, and media agencies
  • Dealing with partners, implementation of the agreed cooperation, barters, etc.
  • Design and implementation of events organised by the company and means of presentation

6/2009 – 12/2010

ABC, a.s. (accounting SW development)
Job position: assistant marketing manager
Job responsibilities:

  • Preparation of documents and presentations for the superior, processing of the meeting minutes
  • Communication with the partners of the company and organisation of personal meetings
  • Establishment of long-term department work plans and coordination with the company plans
  • Records of defined work tasks and observation of compliance with the deadlines

Language skills

English language

advanced spoken and written, able to interpret business meetings

German language

intermediate, “traveller” level

Swedish language


Computer skills

MS Office

advanced user


advanced user


advanced user

Java, C#

beginner, self-taught



Driving licence

Category B

active driver, approximately 30,000 km so far


I consider myself a flexible person who is able to work under stressful conditions. I am a creative person and a positive thinker. My demeanour is congenial, and I like working with people. I prefer challenges and have no fear of new things and tasks. I am keen on meeting new people and different cultures.


I like travelling, learning new cultures, meeting new people, and trying new food. I am interested in literature, marketing, and IT literature in particular. With regard to sports, I like swimming and, in addition, I played basketball for eight years in the past. I am interested in what is going on in society; I like culture, documentary films, theatre, and theatrical dance.


Ing. Andrej Normálny, Company Director
E-mail: [email protected]

Details of other contact persons to be provided on request.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/xxxxxx


Bratislava, March 13th 2018

Ing. Lenka Brčkavá


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