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At Front Row, we partner with leading brands to accelerate their ecommerce growth. We leverage our capabilities and proprietary technology to design, market, distribute and accelerate brands on a global scale. We’re continually cultivating functional areas of expertise and retaining the highest caliber of talent — while sharing knowledge and data, creating efficiencies, and looking at every aspect of our client’s business from a 360 perspective. We work effectively to give every client the hands-on support, niche knowledge, and first-access they need to win in the world’s most competitive commerce markets and make each of our six capabilities the first to act on the next big things.

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We live for the exchange of energy between brands and audiences, you should too, and we’ve made it our mission to expand every brand’s market share and heart share. Because we believe every transaction has the potential to be transformational.

About our Digital Marketing - B2B Team
We’re numbers-driven performance marketers who focus on your pipeline revenue and bottom-line value. We specialize in building and executing performance marketing strategies for B2B clients with long sales cycles and complex customer journeys.

We are constantly expanding our team in Bratislava and looking for the brightest and most ambitious marketing talents. In these turbulent times, we can offer solid job security with a 30% YoY average growth rate since foundation.

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