About us

What We Do

Our day to day life

In Front Row, we respect that different people need to do things at their own pace and that's why we support and encourage our colleagues to confidently manage their own time. Because of the variety of topics all our colleagues work on, there is no real "standard day" but you can expect some recurring themes:

Daily Stand-Up meetings

Each team kickstarts their day with a brief "Stand-Up" meeting, where everyone shares what's on their plate for the day. This helps us not only keep in the loop as to what our team is working on, but also helps us get our priorities for the day settled and help each other out when needed.

Client Work

A chunk of the day is spent on the operational side of things. We monitor the performance for our clients marketing initiatives, optimizing when needed. We bring new ideas to the table - new channels, new content, and better user experiences. We talk regularly at eye-level with our clients to get things done.

Self-development time

A part of the day is then dedicated to your development; be it 121 meetings with your team lead, doing proactive work to meet your personal development objectives or even tapping into your own areas of interest, Front Row is there to support with an unlimited education budget for courses, events and mentoring.


Be it virtually or in the office, we take time to unwind with our colleagues, pet the office dogs, or just enjoy a cup of coffee in peace. Because when you are charged up, we thrive.

We Live By Our Values

New risk - new fun
New challenges, new risks and new fun are the driving force of our growth.
Make smart mistakes
Mistakes happen and we don't hide them. Instead, we explain what they taught us.
You will never work alone
We have a transparent flow of information - we learn from and teach each other.
We are Pros, not Cons
We strive for excellence by mastering the newest ideas, trends and tools.
We are up to data
Analysing is in our DNA. From reporting to creative writing, we use data to guide us.
Expect to be respected
We push our clients to excellence, they don't push us. If we don't share the same values, we are not afraid to part ways.
Be in charge ofmarketingfor the big players

Ever come across an ad from giants like Pipedrive, Asana or Remote.com? Well, that was probably us. In Front Row, you will get to be part of scaling start-ups and unicorns offering cutting-edge technology and solutions in the SaaS and B2B field. Most of our clients are establishing themselves in highly competitive regions and they are looking for a reliable global partner; and that could be you.