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WOOD & Company is a leading investment bank focused on European Emerging markets. Founded in 1991, WOOD & Company was one of the pioneers in the evolution of the European Emerging equity markets. Since then our company has grown to a team of over 250 employees spread across three regional offices and an international distribution hub in London.

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With focus on high quality equity broking and investment banking services in CEE, the firm has gained a deep understanding of the local markets and strengthened its international footprint. WOOD & Company has become member of 12 stock exchanges and over the past decade, we have expanded our scope of activities to a full range of investment banking and corporate finance services including large scale privatizations, IPO, capital markets transactions, mergers and acquisitions, fund raising, and corporate advisory to foreign and domestic clientele.

As an independent institution, WOOD & Company has a great amount of flexibility. Being independent guarantees that our clients’ goals are aligned with ours and we have the ability to seek the optimal solution for them. The company is owned by the Senior Management which is also involved in day-to-day business operations.

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