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T-Industry, s.r.o. was founded in 2003 and it is the private Slovak company. It operates in two offices – Myjava (Slovakia) and Bratislava (Slovakia). The company is focusing in different civilian industries and special shooting training systems. The business started with own research and development activities where it is possible to offer ready-made solutions as well as fully customized technologies based on special requirements of the final end-user. The team is formed by different engineers with experience in mechanical engineering, hardware development, communication technologies, software engineering and other technicians. The company can offer experience in these topics:

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- Telemetry solutions (industrial measurements & communication)
- Smart city – smart energy platform (technologies for smart grid)
- Smart metering (PLC communication, IoT, DATA concentrators)
- IoT gateways, IoT solutions (ready made solutions, research and development)
- Smart street-lighting solutions (Apollo solution)
- Customer development, cooperation on research and innovation projects

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