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We are a modern, dynamic company with foreign owners operating on the market since 2001. We provide professional services in the field of IT for members of the Raiffeisen Group, such as:

  • RPC
  • Uniqa
  • Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH & Co KG

Raiffeisen Informatik SK s.r.o. operates on the market as a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH & Co KG, which has been providing IT services for more than 50 years and employs more than 1100 IT specialists in three EU countries.

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Company headquarters in Prešov Ing. Bohuš Kereštan
Location Manager
Raiffeisen Informatik SK s.r.o. Marka Čulena 55
080 01
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Location Nitra Ing. Silvia Szimethová
Location Manager
E: [email protected]
Raiffeisen Informatik SK s.r.o. Palárikova 3
949 01
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