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AUREUS+ is an experienced outsourcing provider with a nationwide scope in Slovakia, providing integrated software solutions for businesses and public authorities. It has a unique structure, which is tailor-made for the successful implementation of various kinds of projects. As an ICT provider, we are focusing on the technological solutions, which are offering the best value for reliability and innovation. Each project is unique and therefore ”out-of-the-box“ thinking is part of our DNA. Every client is a partner. When dealing with the client’s or partner’s needs, we narrow in on specificities and create a tailor-made approach using creativity, mutual trust and transparency.

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We have built our company by maintaining consistency across all our services and platforms. The goal is to bring innovative approach and isolate the client from distractions. By maintaining the highest standards available on the market both in IT and security, we allow the labour of our clients to maximise the growth and embrace the results.

AUREUS+ is a company of the today. Therefore, we recognise the space we occupy in the society. We are committed to include, in the results of our performance, the footprint we leave behind. We always aim to operate in a transparent and sustainable manner. Our staff enjoys facilities and space where we take proactive steps to reduce negative noise. Persistent pursuit of sustainability and responsible handling of human resources and capital has contributed to our success.

Corporate Social Responsibility remains an integral part of our day-to-day operation, so we can become the company of tomorrow.

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