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REUTTER SK in Myjava belongs to the REUTIB International GmbH group. The REUTIB Group was formed by merging REUTTER with deep roots in Germany and Austria and ITIB with operations in Italy and Poland. The group also operates worldwide with other branches in Mexico and India.

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REUTTER SK in Myjava has become a key production plant of the entire group. It has been operating in Slovakia since 2006. Our main activity is the development and production of fuel, oil, cooling and AdBlue closures, most of which are manufactured from injected plastic parts. REUTTER is a global pioneer in the field of complete solutions for filling systems and SCR system for cars, trucks, vans, agricultural and construction machinery.

Thanks to long experience and continuous progress in technology in the production of cardboard pipes made from thermoplastic materials, ITIB has become a recognized partner for many European industrial production groups.

We are unique in what we produce! We ensure the production of closures for almost all car producers in the world.

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