2 000 - 3 500 EUR

Machine Learning Engineer

YouCon Slovakia, k.s.

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Baltická 28, Nad jazerom
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2 000 - 3 500 EUR

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We focus on 3 types of projects:
- Image analysis: Categorization, Classification of images/documents, smart OCR, image and video analysis (using convolutional or residual neural networks)
- NLP: Classification of document type, emails, simple answering bots, sentiment analysis (using BERT or flair)
- Text to speech and Speech to text (using kaldi, tacotron 2, waveglow)

you can participate on existing projects, get new ones(from early demo stage, to production) or help with building our custom AI pipeline.

The position is suitable for a beginner with a huge willingness to learn, as well as for an experienced ML specialist, who can be entrusted to lead own project.

Our stack of projects is growing every day, which means this a a unique career opportunity to be part of a team, that can grow very fast.

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vysokoškolské I. stupňa
vysokoškolské II. stupňa
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Jazykové znalosti

Anglický jazyk - Stredne pokročilý (B2) alebo Nemecký jazyk - Stredne pokročilý (B2)

Ostatné znalosti

Python - pokročilý

Osobnostné predpoklady a zručnosti

minimal required level of ML knowledge is about the level of the content of this online course:https://developers.google.com/machine-learning/crash-course/

we require experience with any ML/AI technology, like keras, tensorflow, CNTK at least on a basic level

knowledge of basic principles of software development, like OOP, API development, simple web development or experience in any other programming language is an advantage

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see linkthat.eu
youcon is a Vienna based software company with branch office in Munich and Košice.
youcon provides all, that is needed to run a contact center. We connect telephony systems with CRM solutions, provide efficient planning and reporting tools for your callcenters.

recently, youcon founded an AI-based startup, linkthat KI, which specializes in AI projects. In a very short time, linkthat became a well-recognized AI company in the DACH area, running a significant number of successful projects.

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3-4 zamestnanci

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YouCon Slovakia, k.s.
Balticka 28
04012 Košice


Kontaktná osoba: Mgr. Robert Šoffa
E-mail: poslať životopis
ID: 3711551   Dátum zverejnenia: 8.7.2019