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The position is based in Slovak Republic. Applicants must have a place of work in Slovakia.

What is in there for you ?
  • Together with our international team you will be collaborating on modern applications for insurance clients
  • You will be contributing with your ideas to delight our clients with a high value software solution

Čo ti ponúkame

2 300 EUR/monthSalary from 2300 EUR, 13th and 14th salary
  • Thanks to flexible working hours, at UNIQA GSC, you can arrange your day to suit your needs.

  • For new colleagues, we have prepared a comprehensive welcome package.

  • Every employee receives a daily meal allowance of € 7,80.

  • We offer language courses in German and English , along with a diverse range of vocational training opportunities.

  • A 13th and 14th salary is guaranteed for all UNIQA GSC employees.

  • We contribute to the third pillar of the supplementary pension savings and also provide accident insurance coverage for our employees.

  • We regularly organize events for employees such as Christmas parties, summer celebrations, sports days and more.

  • If you are a sports enthusiast, you will certainly appreciate the Multisport card we offer.

Si ten správny kandidát?

Candidates with education suit the position

University education (Bachelor's degree)
University education (Master's degree)

Language skills

English - Upper intermediate (B2)

Personality requirements and skills

Javascript - You got the fundamentals covered. You’ve heard about ECMAScript. You’ve heard about the latest versions of ECMAScript and what new features it introduces to make your life easier. If all frameworks would all of the sudden stop to exist, you would still be able to deliver. You know what event loop, destructuring, template literals, async / await, promises are, but you also know there’s much more.

Typescript - You understand that javascript and typescript are not the same. You understand the value that it brings to the table. You know what utility classes are and how to create one when required. You know what type inference and narrowing is. You understand that proper typing leads to better and more manageable codebase. You have experience with complex types utilising the flexibility of generics.

Angular - You know what dependency injection is. You also know how to use injection tokens to make your life easier. Maybe you’ve even heard about injection context, who knows. Even if you haven’t used all of them, you know what decorators angular provides in case you would need them. You’ve heard about change detection so many times, that you can explain it even after few beers. Immutability is term well known to you. You know how to write reusable components, that will survive at least one change request. You see value in designing the best possible interface for your component - making it a functional, presentational or decompose it into smaller subcomponents and cascade them to achieve your goal. You understand RxJs observables and their most used operators - you are not afraid of those you do not know, documentation is your path. You’re excited about signals - but you know that one doesn’t replace the other - and you also know why.

Design Patterns - You utilise different design patterns based on the current situation at hand. Design takes time and you see value in finding the best possible one to suit your current use case. You know the difference between inheritance and composition and are not afraid to generalise to make the code more versatile and reusable. You hate any kind of unwarranted duplicity in the code.

Unit Test - You know what unit tests are, you’ve written them before in your life and you understand why they can make your life easier. You also have an idea when does it makes sense to write them and when it would be waste of time - you know it’s not all or nothing.

CSS - You know how to use flex / grid layout. You understand what is the difference between em and rem unit. You know how to use media queries to create responsive design. You know what “Specificity” is. You have an idea what SCSS pre-processor is and what are the advantages.

GIT - You’ve got the basics, but are curious enough to know more. You also like to do granular commits and you put effort into making your pull requests easy to review. You know how to clean up your commit history and that “Fix” is never the right description for your commit.

Personality - You’re a team player. You prefer to do code review before you continue in coding - and, even if you don’t, you understand why it’s better for the team, so you adapt. You are not afraid to give constructive feedback and you love when you can receive feedback as a way to grow. Ideally you also love to learn new stuff as you know it’s fast evolving environment and you want to stay up to date. Maybe you even get excited for the new features. You're excited to share your knowledge with others. You seek for improvements of the team. You grow. We grow. Together.

For you the alpha and omega of the entire process is never to just generate new changes, but to work on the betterment of the existing implementations. You know, there's always something that can be improved.

You’ve said yes in your head to the most, but not all? You’re willing to learn? You’re excited about it? Let us know!


UNIQA Group Service Center Slovakia, spol. s r.o.

UNIQA Group Service Center Slovakia, spol. s r.o., je dcérskou spoločnosťou rakúskeho poisťovacieho koncernu UNIQA Group Austria. Firma sa člení na úseky Software Service (SWS), Cross-Border Service (CBS) a Back Office Service (BOS).

Prioritnou činnosťou úseku SWS je vývoj a údržba softvéru pre komerčné poisťovne patriace do skupiny UNIQA. Koncentruje sa najmä na systém INAS, ktorý je určený pre správu portfólia poistných produktov, poistných zmlúv a poistných udalostí, klientských, partnerských a účtovných údajov. V posledných rokoch sa dostáva do popredia vývoj moderných webových aplikácií nadväzujúcich na systém INAS.
Úsek CBS, ktorý vznikol v roku 2006, sa zaoberá správou poistných zmlúv a likvidáciou poistných udalostí klientov rakúskeho poisťovacieho koncernu.

Number of employees

500-999 employees


Contact person: Ing. Ingrid Vagačová
Tel.: +421904933679
E-mail: send CV
ID: 4810019  Dátum zverejnenia: 15.5.2024  Základná zložka mzdy (brutto): 2 300 EUR/month