Charakteristika spoločnosti

TEAM INDUSTRIES is the long-term partner to major players in different sectors of the equipment industry, as the supplier of systems and components. We focus on offering products and services to customers who are best-in class in their respective market niches and looking for long term partnerships with their suppliers.
TEAM INDUSTRIES offers capacity and highly skilled people in number of technologies under one roof supported directly from development and teams of technical professionals. We are operating the following key technologies:
- CNC laser cutting and CNC punching
- CNC bending and curving
- welding (manual, robot, spot, laser 3D)
- CNC milling and turning
- cleaning technology for hydraulic and fuel tanks
- painting (powder and wet, automatic line as well as manual painting cabs producing top surface quality)
- testing and measuring
TEAM INDUSTRIES is focused on products and solutions for the following industries:
- railway
- generators
- construction machines and building equipment
- medical machines and equipment
- electrical equipment
- agriculture machines
TEAM INDUSTRIES is closely cooperating with number of customers e.g. Bombardier Transportation, Alstom Transport, Atlas Copco Airpower and Atlas Copco Portable Energy, Volvo CE, Caterpillar, MATEC, Agie Charmillers, Coherent Laser System, Siemens AG, Phillips Medical Systems, Assembleon.

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