Your Power


We Care About People

This isn’t just what Takeda does; it’s who we are. We’re passionate about helping others, especially those who have been overlooked. We work for PTRB –Patient, Trust, Reputation, Business –in that order. Our customer-centric mindset creates positive experiences for patients across ourproducts and services.No matter the role, we’re all collaborating on the same job – taking the best possible care of the people we serve and working to make their lives better.

We’re Digital Creators

We eat, sleep, and breathe digital. Both on and off the job, we approach life with a nimble, agile, tech-enabled mindset. Spotting the challenges and imagining solutions is something that comes automatically. We have seen firsthand the power of data and technology to transform our world, and we never stop looking for ways we can change lives for the better.

We’re Change Champions

We’re excited for the future and ready to get there. We embrace the unknown with Agile Attitude – act now, fail fast, recover quickly, and keep moving onward. Working this way isn’t just effective, it’s contagious. We get a lot of energy out of inspiring our peers to join us. It’s fun to give people a new sense of what’s possible, and it’s gratifying to learn about the amazing work happening all over Takeda.

We Use Our Voices

We have lots of ideas, and we’re passionate about making a contribution. So we speak up. You can be confident here about being yourself, saying what you think, and raising your hand to get involved. We use our empathy to help everyone share their best. There are a lot of smart people here, and we want to hear from all of them.

We Grow Together

We don’t stay on top of current technology trends –we stay ahead of them, by offering our people a digital curriculum with tailored learning and industry-recognized certification. We understand the value emerging technologies bring for our organization and we enable our teams to access them. The people who make up our teams are the cornerstone of Takeda’s success. The opportunities we provide them to keep learning and growing together are the promise of our future.

We Find What Works for Us

Being a part of a global, 24/7 culture means there’s always something exciting going on. You can’t do it all, so you learn to make choices. Each of us approaches work and life in our own way. Find the blend that works best for you, and then you can work your best. After all, a full life both on and off the job is something we all want – even if it means something different to each of us.
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