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StreamUnlimited is a growing Slovak-Austrian high-tech company, which develops electronics and embedded SW for innovative Consumer Electronics. The focus is on streaming audio/video, wireless connectivity and user interface technology. We develop our own intellectual property and do projects on customer demand. Our customers are world wide well known brands.
StreamUnlimited is a main player in the field of Chromecast built-in(tm) and Google Assistant(tm), and is the worldwide certification house for Chromecast built-in(tm). Google is a close partner and customer of ours.

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Although being already a medium sized company and a serious, well-recognized player in industry, we prefer to keep the company attitude as a friendly group of highly skilled people who enjoy the work they do. We do not torture our employees with an insane amount of bureaucracy. On the contrary, we respect everyone's flexible working hours, we have a minimum number of meetings and we encourage our engineers to select the tools and the approach for the given task. Also, the management aren't the guys in suits whom you never meet, but they are an active part of the team effort – everyone can speak to them, present ideas and actually make a difference!

Enjoy the fun of playing hard in the high technology league, to beat Asian competition by being more creative, more innovative, faster, better. It is possible! Check out to learn more about StreamUnlimited.

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