Charakteristika spoločnosti

The company has proudly borne the Roffelsen name since 1976. The company has been handed from father to son, following the same recipe: “Always offer quality, reliability and flexibility.” Three core values that have been followed for three generations; in addition to the family ties, they make up the DNA of the company.
Roffelsen Plastics started with the production of clothes line cables. It was, and still is, the company’s main product. But the entrepreneurship of the family members ensured that the wider product range has grown extensively, and the constant drive for innovative developments continues to grow.
But it is not just the range that they are trying to grow, Roffelsen Plastics is also striving to increase its knowledge, experience, and natural customer base. This healthy, business approach has bought the company to its proud position of leading manufacturer of plastic products and specialist in extrusion technology. (see for more details.