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Ness KDC was established in 2005 and is the flagship Software Delivery and Innovations Center of the Ness Digital Engineering corporation.

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We provide digital transformation software services, product development and innovations to global customers in areas such as the automobile industry, intelligent transportation, internet of things, finance and banking, telematics, media and marketing, power and energy and big data and analytics.

Ness offers a unique mixture of several aspects and culture, which are highly valued by software engineers. We’ve got hundreds of attractive high-end projects and dozens of world-class brands as customers. We provide a long-term stable environment and the highest standards of employee’s welfare, with company culture supporting family life. We continue to be hungry for reaching further milestones, acknowledging we must build it on roots that we represent, but also continuing in constant and rapid change and adaptation.

In the area of software engineering, it is our top-quality services, individual customer approach and ability to achieve targets which are most highly valued by our clients. Thanks to these, Ness Kosice enjoys long-term business relationships with its customers. Our teams of professionals first process and analyze client’s requirements; then, through cooperation with the client, they use the newest technology to fulfil these requirements in an “agile” environment.

Our glowing references and strong corporate background continuously attract the interest of new clients. As a result, Ness KDC is now one of the most important employers in the region with a workforce of more than 600 people.

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