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Sme mladý, rýchlo rastúci kolektív s veľkými ambíciami, operujúci na SR od začiatku roka 2018.
Smotný marketing spojený s našou činnosťou bude viac ako zaujímavá skúsenosť, primárne kvôli povahe služby, ktorú vykonávame pre naši klientov, ktorí patria k svetovej špičke v oblastiach:
Developers / Construction
Reconstruction / Revitalization
Engineering Industry, Automotive, Petro-Chemical Industry, Power Plants, Aviation, Cargo, Construction halls and more
Industry 4.0 - digitization, Facility / Object management
Architects, Planning and visualization studios
Events / Expo
Galleries, Museums, Historical objects
Government ministries – Education, Culture, Environment, Defense
Insurance companies

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MAP INDOOR - Everything in view.
MAP INDOOR uses the latest technology from NavVis, FARO etc. in the form of a mobile high-end scanner to simultaneously capture visual and geometric data.

Thanks to this innovative detection device, areas up to 50,000 m² per day are possible in interior measurements.

Industries and applications
Our areas of expertise are all about their real estate, factory and production planning and even virtual presentations.

The success story of Vokal + Partner began in 1992 with Marian Vokal and his engineering bureau for construction and design surveying. With the size of the construction sites, the requirements grew and with the increased responsibility, the know-how developed further. Ongoing investments in new measurement technology and the experience gained with a diverse range of instruments are immediately reflected in the execution of new, demanding projects.

Since the founding of the partnership Vokal + Partner under the direction of Norbert and Mario Vokal in 2002, the surveying specialists have been able to consistently expand their performance. In the meantime, terrestrial laser scanning technology, laser tracker technology, measuring arm technology and BIM technology are among the specialties of the expanding company. In 2010, the team moved into new, larger premises at Lindberghstrasse 8 in Munich.

With the MAP INDOOR area created specifically for indoor mapping, Vokal + Partner is continuing its strategic development in 2015 in the name of its customers.

Vokal + Parter has more than 20 years of experience and competence in the areas of:
+ structural and architectural surveying
+ engineering and industrial
surveying + BIM, 3D modeling
+ track gauge surveying

In the beginning of 2018 the subsidiary MAP INDOOR SVK has start an operation in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

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