Product Manager for (Ostrava)

The LMC is the largest provider of online job market in the Czech Republic (services,, application Teamio). It creates a unique and totally singular ideas and comprehensive solutions in the labor market on the Internet.
To make things even more clear - we are looking for Product Manager with significant business drive. is a marketplace for microservices, expanding our portfolio of products (,, etc.) into a new direction. Your mission will be to lead a team of eight to break-even and possibly also to international presence.

How do we develop products in LMC? We believe in agile approach - trying to get to the market as soon as possible and then iterate. In product development, we use agile methodologies (Kanban, Scrum) and release changes every day. Agile in LMC went through a big change at the beginning of the year when we upgraded to dual track agile. We will be pleased to explain you how it moved us on. And what is for us really important? Friendly atmosphere - we go together to the pub and so on.

What will you do?

  • • We would like to hear an answer to this question from you.
  • • We expect that you will manage Easytask as your own by quarterly targets set together with business owner.
  • • You will be responsible for the results of the entire team.
  • • We will give you a great autonomy, so you'll have a chance to significantly influence the product.
  • • On the other hand, you can rely on huge support from LMC, Adam Hazdra (Business Owner of Easytask), Marek Grynhoff (Head od Product) and others, so do not worry that we would leave you in the lurch.
  • • At least in the beginning you'll be also in the role of Delivery Manager (Scrum Master in other words), ie. you will have to ensure that everything runs like a Swiss clock.
  • • Prepare for personal meetings with customers – you'll have to discuss about their needs , collect feedback, test new features, resolve complaints…
  • • Because you will be based in Ostrava, you will have to come once every 2 weeks to LMC to Prague for product meeting.

What’s in for you?

  • • We believe that it will be a great experience with product development from A to Z.
  • • In addition, we hope it will be international experince - we plan to expand to other countries.
  • • Experience in leading a team of another eight people is also not bad. It's not just a one man show.

Who you are

  • • 1.8m tall, blond man with bewitching eyes ... if you got the joke, point for you.
  • • You are experienced in developing online products in the role of Product Manager / Product Owner or similar role.
  • • We would appreciate rather more experience, it is not a junior position.
  • • We do not care if you got experience in a startup or during the evenings at home.
  • • You are person with common sense, with the ability to communicate clearly and to distinguish the less important from the essential.
  • • You have got the drive and lean approach.
  • • Due to the planned expansion you have to speak English very well.

And what will make you happy?

  • • You will feel good about your work.
  • • Great opportunity to gain new experience.
  • • You will acquire enriching knowledge at Czech and international conferences.
  • • A team of good people around you will keep you in a good mood.
  • • Credit in the cafeteria for physical and mental well-being.
  • • Our seaside apparments in Croatia.
  • • Home office is commonplace and you will finally tune work-life balance.
  • • Kids and dogs are welcomed.

Well, we could go on and on ...

Ideally we plan start of our collaboration from the 1st January 2017, but if we could work together on something now, we will be happy.

Note: You can send us link to your LinkedIn profile instead of CV.

Informace o pozici

Místo pracoviště
Sokolská třída 1263/24, 702 00 Ostrava-Moravská Ostrava, Česká republika

Typ pracovního vztahu
Práce na plný úvazek

Typ smluvního vztahu
Pracovní smlouva

Délka pracovního poměru
Na dobu neurčitou

Notebook, flexibilní začátek/konec pracovní doby, stravenky/příspěvek na stravování, dovolená 5 týdnů, firemní rekreační zařízení, vzdělávací kurzy, školení, kafetérie, občerstvení na pracovišti, příspěvek na sport/kulturu/volný čas, příspěvek na vzdělání, zdravotní volno/sickday, možnost občasné práce z domova, firemní akce, individuální rozvržení pracovní doby, vlastní organizace náplně práce, dog-friendly office, children-friendly office, Účast na zahraničních konferencích, individuální rozpočet na osobnostní růst, vyhrazený čas na inovace

Požadované vzdělání
Středoškolské nebo odborné vyučení s maturitou

Požadované jazyky
Angličtina (pokročilá), čeština (pokročilá)


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