Business Unit Manager

Lindström, s.r.o.


* Leading the business unit, including all aspects sales, customer processes, production and delivery service.
* Financial result: growth and profitability, other operational targets
* Business operations in accordance with the Corporate Operations Manual
* Human resource management and implementation of the personnel policy
* Implementation of the company values, mission, vision and strategic choices
* Annual planning
* Development and control of sales and laundry services according to the business concepts and model


As a professional

* Business leadership and financial management experience in B2B
* Strong sales management experience
* University degree: commercial or technical. Professional training, MBA or equivalent preferable
* Fluency in Slovak or Czech language is required
* Very good command of the English language
* Experience in project management is an advantage

As a person

General leadership competencies

1.1 Deciding and initiating action
  • Identifies urgent decisions which may involve minor risks within own work area, and acts upon them without delay.
  • Takes responsibility for actions, accepting appropriate accountability
  • Expresses confidence in own decisions and actions. Seizes the initiative, guides own work and work of others.
  • Initiates and generates activity across the business unit.

1.2 Leading and supervising
  • Ensures that roles within the unit are clear and individuals know what is expected of them.
  • Empowers people, inspires enthusiasm and a positive attitude in people about their work and their contribution to the organization’s success.
  • Takes responsibility for recruiting suitable people to teams, internally and externally.

6.2 Delivering results and meeting customer expectations
  • Anticipates customer needs and champions initiatives to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Challenges self and own unit to achieve high levels of quality and output.
  • Ensures that unit’s goals related to subsidiary’s targets are consistently achieved.

Job-specific critical competencies

2.1 Working with people
  • Creates and encourages a climate of team-working and collaboration
  • Invests time to recognize and support those who contribute to organizational success.
  • Communicates proactively and encourages others to share their views.

2.2 Adhering to principles and values
  • Maintains high ethical standards, not compromising them to advance personal or organizational agenda.
  • Strives to build diverse teams and challenges intolerance or lack of understanding in others.

4.3 Analyzing
  • Analyses and integrates diverse and complex data from a wide range of sources, uses this information effectively in decision-making
  • Sees key, high level trends across data sets.
  • Demonstrates an awareness of how one issue may be part of a larger system, recognizing that different processes may be affected by solutions proposed.

Job-specific important competencies

3.1 Relating and networking (important)
  • Quickly builds and maintains rapport with individuals and groups. Actively nurtures good relationships among staff as well as with external contacts and clients.
  • Tactfully resolves conflict between others and takes actions

5.3 Formulating strategies and concepts
  • Revises objectives of own unit to reflect organizational goals.
  • Translates strategic direction into medium and long term plans and objectives for own subsidiary
  • Identifies future possibilities for own business unit and beyond, and passes these ideas to key stakeholders.

7.1 Adapting and responding to change
  • Adjusts own unit to embrace changing circumstances.
  • Uses many different approaches to interact successfully with others, adapting own interpersonal style to fit in with the situation, and the characteristics of groups and individuals.
  • Stays positive and upbeat in situations where definite information or direction is not available

8.2 Entrepreneurial and commercial thinking
  • Knows local competitors and how Lindström’s services compare to them
  • Uses financial information to monitor business unit’s performance.
  • Tracks expenditure and uses the most cost-effective methods to increase business unit’s profitability.


Lindström is one of Europe’s leading textile service companies with over 165 years of experience in the textile industry. We offer solutions for the cleanliness and interior design of facilities, corporate clothing and protection.

According to the company slogan “Cares for your image”, Lindström’s task is to strengthen the corporate image of its customers and make everyday life easier with the help of its services. The textile services are a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way of taking care of a company’s textile needs.
Lindström is a strongly growing international company. It is our goal to expand geographically and to increase our market share in the long term. Success is backed up by strongly conceptualised operations that ensure the quality of operations, uniform service and responsibility in all our countries of operation


We will contact only selected candidates.
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