Job offers

No matter whether you are a student, fresh graduate, experienced professional, mature worker, parent returning from parental leave or a traveler who has decided to settle and start a career, at KONE SSC you will find a colleague at similar life and career stage. And although we are all different, come from different corners of the world and are at different stages of our lives, we all feel proud to be part of KONE and we all take pride in our work in delivering the best people flow experience.

At KONE SSC your language skills are going to be your strongest asset. If you speak English + additional language, such as French/ German/ Finnish/ Swedish/ Danish/ Italian/ Spanish/ Hebrew/ Russian/ Polish/ Dutch etc., and can bring the right attitude and positive energies, come and JOIN OUR FLOW! Don’t miss out and check out our open positions now!

  1. Procesný agent s fínskym jazykom (Ref. č.: R0600957)   otvoriť v novom okne
    19.6.2020, KONE Shared Service Centre
  2. Processing Agent with Finnish language (Ref. No.: R0600710)   otvoriť v novom okne
    19.6.2020, KONE Shared Service Centre
    Tomášikova 64, Bratislava