About us

KONE opened its Business Service center in Bratislava in 2006 and since then it has been continuously growing and developing. It’s been a long journey from a small office to an established center with almost 300 employees from over 25 countries. And although we are very proud to be international, you will still experience a strong Finnish touch to our work culture with flat hierarchy, straightforward communication, strong work-life balance and highly valued initiative.

At KONE Business Services you will discover a lot about a product that has been such an obvious part of your life that you hardly noticed its existence! You will learn about the most innovative products in the industry – elevators that can communicate with each other or those designed to look as water capsules to match the design of the environment they are installed in.

Our departments support various processes around installing, maintaining and modernizing Elevators, Escalators and Automatic Doors, and since 2017 our HR Services team provides professional advice and support to KONE employees in the EMEA region.

At any position and in any function in our house, you will contribute to KONE’s development and growth!

Becoming part of the wining team of true professionals requires to stay open to changes, be curious about technology, ambitious about targets, and most importantly, bringing the right attitude.

If you are up to the challenge, come and join our flow!

Quality recognition 2021

During the past year KONE Business Services built a strong foundation for continual improvement by enabling their teams to actively contribute in ideation and by engaging them to cross-functionally lead improvement activities. More important is that all teams participated and all processes were touched by improvements.

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