Business Protection Manager

LOCATION: Priemyselný park Nitra - Sever, Dolné Hony, District Nitra
CLOSING DATE: 30/11/-0001

Job Description

The responsibility of establishing the policies for the protection of all JLR assets is delegated to Business Protection. Those assets are defined as people as well as property; tangible or intangible, that the company or an individual owns.
It is the responsibility of Business Protection to protect those assets; for which the impact of not doing so effectively can affect sales and ultimately the profitability of the Company.

Main Responsibilities
- Ensure Standards across the site remain at the highest levels and apply the many and varied policies in force across the site including site entry and exit. Business Protection have circa 50 policies all of which are governed either by corporate standards or a form of legislation. All policies are to be deployed and effectively tested for understanding with each employee/contract resource. This is a cycle of policy deployment that takes place each year
- Ensure Risk Assessments are regularly reviewed and maintained in accordance with corporate guidelines. The Site Security risk assessment is conducted by the Manager, which “risk profile’s” the site on an annual basis. The risk profile serves as the catalyst for a priority based action plan that feeds into the site strategy discussions
- Communicate at all levels of the business with a Customer Service approach. The Manager is expected to lead on items that are beyond a normal remit. As an example, the Manager leads on community relations as the organisation’s parking constraints spill over onto the community roads
- To maintain headcount budget and rostering system in order to provide the best possible service to the customer, whilst minimising the cost to the business. The Manager will have a multi-discipline team made up of employees and contract resource in order to meet the needs of the site and emerging challenges
- Attend and lead a variety of high level meetings, which may require advising all levels of personnel within the Company (Site Strategy, Level 1 safety meetings etc). The Manager is the single point of contact for every senior person on site and is expected to operate at a senior level when it comes to resolving issues or proactively adding value
- Liaise and manage Union representative relationships on a regular basis
- Manage the respective Jaguar & Land Rover Absence Management Processes currently in place and apply them consistently within the BP team
- Manage the Business Protection site specific operating budget but to also influence the senior stakeholder team on capital investment projects that will better suit the needs of the Business
- Ensure the Business Continuity Planning process is adhered to and in line with the Major Incident Plan. The manager will design, implement and test (annually) the Major Incident Plan. The testing is done with all major stakeholders in order for them to fully understand requirements during a major event
- Have a full knowledge and then manage the related disciplinary processes in use
- To ensure that all schedules are met and in doing so, ensuring the site remains compliant with the law. There are multiple activity schedules for each site. As an example, every fire extinguisher on site (thousands) are required to be serviced by law on an annual basis. The Manager provides the oversight to ensure the Company remains legally compliant


- Fluency in both Slovak and English required
- A security or emergency response based qualification is essential
- An appropriate degree related to the role is desirable
- At least 5 years’ experience in security management, armed forces leadership or emergency services leadership based field
- Security Assessor Qualified
- Full Driving Licence
- Excellent Customer First Skills.


*Work for a successful and well-known international car producer
*Experience opportunities for career growth and personal development
*Have the opportunity to stay abroad and learn the processes from current production sites
*Bonus 0-15% of the base salary
*Company car
*Pension contribution
*Life Assurance, accident and partial disability insurance and critical illness assurance
*Food vouchers
*Social fund benefits
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