Product launch engineer

LOCATION: Priemyselný park Nitra - Sever, Dolné Hony, Nitra region, District Nitra
CLOSING DATE: 30/11/-0001

Job Description

PVT Launch Engineer role will be responsible for engaging in the coordination of the new vehicle launches coming to the Nitra Plant. The scope includes extensive involvement with the Sister Plant PVT and the Launch Team for the new models, assisting in the resolution of engineering issues (in conjunction with the Launch and Core CoC engineering teams), involvement in the delivery of Launch quality metrics to ensure all systems requirements are being achieved or worked on in a timely manner. Attending the Launch cadence meetings to represent the PVT Launch Manager as required and ensure all the key issues are identified correctly, are suitably allocated to the correct area and the root cause/s are being identified and robustly fixed with the aim of achieving all aspects of the vehicles targets. Ultimately, the role will engage in activities to assist the delivery of the vehicle Launch Quality targets irrespective of area owner. The role will be part of a small team of platform engineers to ensure clarity, drive and commitment for flawless launch in all areas. The role regularly involves joining cross functional teams, lead by the line Manager or Lead Engineers, in resolving engineering issues through data analysis and working with Manufacturing, CoC Engineering & Suppliers.

Must be able to spend an extended period commuting to the UK in the early days to meet and work with the Sister Plant PVT team and the CoC teams working in a “live” Plant learning the systems and procedures that need to be embedded in the new Plant. This training will be up to 6 months duration. Will also be required to travel during the Launch periods as needs demand to visit the Sister Plant or CoC Engineering centre in the UK.

Main Responsibilities: (Outline at a high level the key outcomes of responsibilities for the Role. These should give the reader a clear view of the what the role will do e.g. what is done; to what area; with what outcomes, typically 6 to 10)
1. The primary responsibility of the PVT Launch Engineer is to provide leadership and assistance to a number of cross functional departments in order to assist the drive to achieve a flawless launch by achieving product quality in order to meet or exceed the vehicle launch quality targets.
2. In the early days of Launch the PVT Launch Engineers role will include assisting the Launch Manager in ensuring the Bill of Material (BoM) for the 2 Plants stay identical and all PACN’s, Concerns and Alerts are routed to both Plants teams and all modifications are incorporated on the localised components.
3. Work closely with the New Model Programme (NMP) team, the Plant Quality team and the CoC Launch managers to ensure the Areas of Significant concern on the vehicle get the appropriate focus from all areas and the Customer Driven Vehicle Requirements (CDVR) have the entitlement to achieve their target Gap & Flush tolerances.
4. Assist the PVT Launch Manager, working with the Sister Plant team to ensure Corporate processes are followed and the 2 teams have a detailed understanding of each other’s work and the full portfolio or related products.
5. Ensure all launch issues have a balanced focus with a Customer First mind set (Warranty data, AA Roadside Assistance, FTT, PCPA etc.) with particular focus on the resolution of issues that might lead to key customer concerns. (e.g. Quick Service Fix's and Fields Service Actions)

6. Stand in for the PVT Launch Manager where required and report vehicle line progress at regular reviews. (Launch Management Meetings (LMM’s).
7. In conjunction with NMP, assist the PVT Launch Manager, to ensure seamless programme transitions from the Launch phase into the PVT.
8. Ensure lessons learned are fed back into the upstream business for inclusion in new standards and to be incorporated in new models already in process.


- Work for a successful and well-known international car producer.
- Employment contracts for indefinite period
- 13th salary
- Bonus 0-15% of the base salary
- Transport Allowance
- Pension contribution
- Meal card covered by 75% by Employer
- Life Assurance, accident and partial disability insurance and critical illness assurance
- Flexible benefits up to 300€
- Have the opportunity to stay abroad and learn the processes from current production sites
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