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IOM as an inter-governmental organization collaborates with partners from the international community that its helping hand is available in any place where migration services are needed. As set forth in its Statute, IOM priorities are mainly as follows:

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Putting in place the conditions for the organised transfer of migrants for whom existing options are not sufficient or those who are unable to move without help, to countries suitable for this type of migration.

Managing the organised transfer of refugees, exiles and other individuals in need of international migration services on behalf of whom IOM is in the position to enter into necessary agreements with countries in question including those upon request receiving migrants, and in keeping with existing agreements between IOM and other countries, to render migration services such as recruitment, selection, medical examinations, placement, activities facilitating reception and integration, advisory services and other assistance falling under the competence of IOM.

Upon request by the individual states, to render the desired migration services in collaboration with other international organizations with the aim of assisting in the process of voluntary transfer of migrants including voluntary repatriation.

To provide individual states, international and other organizations the optimum conditions for sharing views and experience and for mutual co-ordination of their efforts in addressing the problem of international migration.
In accomplishing its mission, IOM also collaborates with international organizations involved in issues of migration, both government and extra-government. In doing so, IOM has promoted mutual coordination of the relevant international activities. Such collaboration is done with mutual respect and with regard to the powers of respective organizations.

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