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Make global impact in banking

With us, you can design and steer banking processes on the global level. In ING Hubs Slovakia there are more than 150 colleagues with global impact and responsibility.

Flexibility is in our DNA

Whether you prefer to work primarily from home or from the office, you can choose the arrangement that fits best for you (and your family). We even offer flexible contracts with shorter working hours when your life requires more balanced split.

Direct access to key stakeholders

Instead of hierarchy, we believe in cooperation and autonomy. You do not need a permission of the manager to reach out or collaborate with anyone in the bank.

Career Opportunities

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What does life at ING look like?


Lead KYC Process Design

I like ING's culture - it's open and transparent, and people actually listen to your opinions.


Customer Loyalty Member

Never-ending learning and development opportunities, plus we do embrace and celebrate each other's differences - these are just one of the best parts of working in this amazING organization


Engagement and Communication Lead

This is a really life-changing opportunity. For the first time, I feel balance in my life.