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Hustler Marketing is an email marketing only agency.

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Currently, we work with 30 seven and eight-figure ecommerce stores.

We’ve done about $100,000 in revenue in 2018. In 2019, we’re well on track to cross $600,000. Explosive, 6X growth. We’re planning to slow down a little bit in 2020, the target is 2-3X growth, so low 7 figures.

Currently, there are about 30 people in the company. 16 account managers, 3 copywriters, 4 designers, 4 Klaviyo experts, and some senior management.

Company’s focus for Q1 of 2020 is
-hire additional key senior positions
-tighten and improve the service deliverables
-improve lead gen flow (various lead gen channels)
-continue team training and mentoring
-continue growing

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