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Even household trash can play its part in sustainability– if you know what to do with it. And we do.

Our Story

There are millions tons of waste produced every day on our planet, and the volume is growing. It’s an issue that has the potential to affect every single one of us, and that’s why action is needed today.

If we want our kids and grandchildren to live in a world free from mountains of waste that contaminate the water we drink and the air we breathe, we need a plan.

What if we could convert waste directly into valuable commodities? What if we invest in people, and develop engineers and technology in order to widen the scope of waste that could be converted? And to research and expand the possible uses for what we produce?

What we do?

Waste as (re)source of energy

As it happens, that’s exactly what we do here at HZI. We turn waste into energy, and much more. We help to mitigate the global waste problem while producing other valuable materials. We use innovative technologies to make things like heat, energy, electricity, metals, salts, and gases from the everyday things that communities throw away. This drives resource circularity, decarbonization and supply security for our generation. And our investment in people and technology will ensure we are there for our children, for our grandchildren – moving towards a future free of wasted waste.

#1 Market leader

We are a market leader in Waste to Energy, and growing in Renewable Gas.

26 Global offices

We are global company with offices in the EU, Switzerland, the United States, the UAE, and other regions.

800+ Projects worldwide

Our huge portfolio of delivered projects gives our stakeholders confidence to continue business with us.

2000+ Employees globally

During the last few years we have grown fast, and we plan to grow further still.

60+ Nationalities

We are diverse and international, with colleagues from around the world.

90+ Years of history

About Hitachi

We are global market leader in Waste to Energy (WtE) and Renewable Gas, with 26 offices in 14 countries around the world including the EU, the United States and the UAE, with a major and growing presence in Slovakia. We have more than 90 years of history and we have been working on more than 800 global projects with a direct positive impact on sustainability. We have more than 2,000 employees worldwide with 60+ nationalities represented. Our long-term growth, financial stability, strong governance, product quality and innovative spirit are proudly provided and upheld by our parent company in Japan, Hitachi Zosen Corporation.

We deliver turn-key solutions, maintain and service energy recovery facilities (ERF) to produce renewable and sustainable energy, and beyond. We work for municipalities, for rural communities, for megacities, for governments, for companies, and ultimately for people. We are entrusted with the biggest waste-to-energy projects on the planet (Dubai), as well as rolling out targeted upgrades, maintenance, or engineering solutions for existing facilities across our regions of presence.

With our own R&D, innovations, patents and modern technologies, we are constantly improving the efficiency of our existing technologies and processes while looking to derive ever-more utility out of what we produce.

Our values

We care

about our people, societies, the future, the environment and sustainability, and a lot more…

We deliver

real results and turnkey solutions, provide management and maintenance of plants, and have a direct impact on sustainable future

We innovate

with our own R&D, patents and innovations, we are working on new technologies, systems and processes, and much more

Global projects with a direct impact on sustainable future

We work on big projects with a global impact, and to be able to do so we need to collaborate with colleagues from around the world. Teamwork is a key element to our success, therefore we are looking for people who want to work for a company with a direct impact on sustainability, who are not afraid of new challenges, and who like to work in international environment, what with more than 60 nationalities in our company.

As an employer, we find it critical to provide our people with stability, space for growth and an opportunity to work on global projects that make a difference to the future of the planet. And it’s the right time to join us: We are in a strategic sector and we plan to grow to 3,000 people.

Why join us

Work for HZI has a “higher purpose”

From Slovakia you can work on interesting projects with a global impact, where your work will have a higher purpose. We are aware that you could find work in IT, HR, administration, engineering or project management for various companies in all manner of segments, but if you join HZI, you will contribute to projects with global resonance – and in an industry that truly moves the dial on sustainability.

We don’t simply make waste disappear. Our innovative technologies turn waste directly into electricity that can power your fridge, for example. Or into biofuels for public transportation. Or into warmth, to heat thousands of homes in the area.

Working for HZI is a point of pride to share with family and friends, because you will be creating a brighter future for us all.

Open positions

HZI Slovakia – a Slovak signature in the world of global projects

HZI Slovakia is proof that even from our small country we can be part of global projects. And the results are felt across cities, countries and continents.

HZI Slovakia has been growing since its inception in 2017, and we currently have more than 150 employees based here. With an office in Levice and a brand new base in Bratislava in the city’s super-modern Digital Park, we plan to expand further.

To support our global growth and help us anchor a position of leadership in the sector, we are looking for new colleagues in Levice or Bratislava in areas such as engineering, procurement, project management, quality, IT, People & Culture (known in other companies as HR), finance, and administration.

If you want a job that makes a difference, where you can define your own career path and contribute to sustainability, then HZI is the place for you.

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150 employees and still growing

International projects

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