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HIMOMONTAŽA - one of the major Slovenian contractors for construction engineering, erection, maintenance and overhauling activities on power and industrial plants, is private company of limited liability, running business in Slovenia and abroad .
Since its founding in 1991 HIMOMONTAŽA has managed to establish several business contacts with the owners and other customers in Slovenia and abroad. During that time has gained suitable references and enlarged its capital and raised the number of manpower to appropriate extent.
In the year 2015 was established company Himomontaža Nova due to business reasons.
The company has approx. 80 highly skilled employees, experts for project management, technology preparations and specialists for execution of works in the filed of construction of various plants. With our personal we provide highly demanding installation of piping and welding works according to various procedures and specific materials.
With our experts we provide quality control of supplied materials and executed works all in accordance to ISO standards.
HIMOMONTAŽA performs approximately 40 % of complete project implementation (from preparation of technical documentation to commissioning and handling over documentation), rest are services, mostly erection works, maintenance and overhauling activities on various power and industrial plants projects.

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