Fresh IT Graduate (Ref. No.: 1571539)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise provide solutions which enable companies to mobilize their business; mine all their data for insights, on an open, agile cloud; all this securely. We are the only company with the breadth and depth of innovative products and services to provide complete end-to-end solutions in big data, cloud, mobility and security, not just a disparate set of IT components.
Our key areas include:

• Infrastructure
• Services
• Software
• HPE Financial Services

We offer great and impactful initiatives for our employees and for society, from wellness, through diversity and inclusion, to amazing university hiring experiences, and much more.

Job Description
What’s this all about?

As a participant to Graduate Development Program in IT, you’ll be part of an organization providing software solutions and maintenance of existing applications built on various platforms.

In software development you will be learning application lifecycle, inputs to the process of software creation, how to test software products and get experienced in usage of appropriate tools.

In project management you will become familiar with industry standards and art of managing projects.

You will be learning a lot, practicing a lot, mentored by and in contact with more senior people, either from the company or outwards.

It offers great rewards for those who show impressive results, also in form of a personal satisfaction looking at products that function well and fulfill our Client’s imagination.

You will be a part of the team, where people live pretty close to each other. Support each other, everyone contributes to the positive climate. We are respectful to each other.

With more experience comes the opportunity to get involved in more complex scenarios, more difficult technical problems, harder decisions based on different solution alternatives, more aggressive timelines, stress conditions. More elaborate roles.

Your role will include things like
• Close cooperation with software architect, designer, project manager, testers. And your peers of course. Both on- and off-site.
• Coding software functionality in designed components.
• Documenting source code.
• Testing of source code in unit testing or testing whole components.
• Supporting a project manager in his activities eventually.
• Continuous education by getting proper mentoring, by listening to people in discussions, by practical working experience and formal training either in-house or externally.

As you become more experienced, you might be shadowing more senior colleagues.That all will lead to improvement of your technical skills and personality traits, working habits and behaviors. And prepare you for your next career step.

Job Requirements
To be a good graduate trainee in IT application business, you must:
• Have a bachelor or master degree in computer science, software engineering or equivalent.
• Be within 1 year of graduation which may also include relevant work experience.
• Have some experience with software, programming languages and IT environment, even if academical.
• Consider yourself as rather technical person with structured way of thinking, organized.
• Be confident enough to perform by your own as long as your are able to proceed without influencing others negatively, otherwise ask for assistance immediately.
• Be ready to collaborate, to pick up pieces, process them, ask for details if they are missing, come up with proposals, improvement suggestions, discuss alternatives. Be flexible and adaptable.
• Be willing to hear other people’s opinions, rethink, not clamp on your standpoint.
• Be better prepared to fail and stand up again. The software, nor our Clients are not making it easy for us. Be persuasive, persistent and patient. Be able to cope with pressure, prioritise, negotiate.
• Be able to cope with steady change and ambiguity.
• Be able to work to deadlines.
• Actively and steadily improve your skills, educate yourself.
• Communicate openly, honestly, with respect. Add to good team climate.
• Be willing to improve your foreign language skills, especially in English language.

Additional Comments
Type of job: full-time

Other advantages offered to employees
  • Attractive compensation and benefits
  • Exciting opportunity of career and professional development
  • Working for one of the most admired international companies in challenging and dynamic environment
  • Possibility to work in an international environment
  • Regular professional trainings
  • Foreign language classes
  • Reimbursement of costs of participation in a sport club
  • Life insurance
  • Financial support during 3 months of sickness

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