Hewlett Packard Enterprise

is one of the world’s iconic tech companies, creating new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments, and society.

We provide solutions which enable companies to mobilize their business; mine all their data for insights, on an open, agile cloud; all this securely. We aim at making the complex, simple. Bridging the old and the new. And we do that by harnessing big data, security, mobility and cloud. We are the only company with the breadth and depth of innovative products and services to provide complete end-to-end solutions in big data, cloud, mobility and security, not just a disparate set of IT components.
We focus on delivering speed, simplicity, efficiency and agility so that customers can realize their preferred business outcomes across architectures and in ways that suit their engineering requirements and budgets. Our key areas include:

  • Infrastructure – Building on the product innovations of the past year, like our Helion Cloud portfolio, Apollo water-cooled super computers, and OneView, the best converged infrastructure tool on the market.
  • Services – Continuing to lead in Virtual Private Cloud and growing our Strategic Enterprise Services, including cloud, enterprise security, analytics and data management, and app modernization.
  • Software – Continuing to develop the critical tools that reveal hidden insights and drive business outcomes at incredible speed and scale.
  • HP Financial Services – By leveraging its HP Financial Services capability, Hewlett Packard Enterprise will be well positioned to create unique technology deployment models for customers and partners based on their specific business needs.

Apart from leading the market in enterprise infrastructure, software and services, we offer great and impactful initiatives for our employees and for society, from wellness, through diversity and inclusion, to amazing university hiring experiences, and much more. If you wonder what is like to be part of one of the world’s largest technology companies, visit our Hewlett Packard Enterprise stand, and hear directly from our employees!

Transformation Areas

There are four transformation areas that represent our view of where the market is headed and what our customers will need. Our four transformation areas are the heart of what Hewlett Packard Enterprise will deliver.

  • TRANSFORM to a hybrid infrastructure
    Getting better value from existing infrastructure and creating and delivering new value quickly and continuously from all applications. We help companies build a cloud that works for them – one that scales and works with their infrastructure. Only HPE optimizes all companies’ applications, traditional, mobile, in the cloud, in the data center.
  • PROTECT your digital enterprise
    The cost of cybercrime to an unprotected company can be +50 million dollars a year. Cybercrime also results in 378 million victims every year. That’s 12 victims every second. Security solutions must anticipate, not merely react to cybercrime. No one else can provide a more complete management of risk in all its forms than Hewlett Packard Enterprise. And risk means more than security threats. It includes back-up and recovery. HPE offers a range of solutions to help companies keep their business up and running in the event of a disaster.
  • EMPOWER the data-driven organization
    We are in the middle of a data revolution. In the next few years we will create more data that has been created to date. 92% of the world’s data was created in just the past two years. The ability to collect and store all this data presents a huge opportunity to those who are equipped to understand and use it, turning all of it into actionable insight, to make a greater impact than ever before, spotting new opportunities, new segments and threats. HPE has bet on open-source, lower cost solutions that allow companies to use 100 percent of their business data, human data and machine data to generate real-time, actionable insights. The result is better and faster decision making.
  • ENABLE workplace productivity
    Today, the office is everywhere and anywhere. Companies tell us they’re increasingly focused on enabling workplace productivity. Delivering a great experience to employees and customers – everywhere, anytime, on any device – is the last and most critical step. Hewlett Packard Enterprise enables people to do everything from wherever they are, inventing the applications, infrastructure, software and services that make it possible.

What we offer

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