Product Marketing Manager

Foliovision s.r.o.

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full-time, part-time
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10 EUR/hour+ bonuses

Information about the position

Job description, responsibilities and duties

Free Speech and Open Web Advocate

The job description you are reading here is fairly unique. There are probably only four to five people in Bratislava whom this opportunity would suit.

We’re looking for someone to persuasively advocate for an open web. What we build is an open-source video player which works with every video hosting platform and CDN out there, whether open or proprietary (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia).

When we originally built FV Player we knew we believed in an open web on principle. Over the last four years, the real importance of open web standards and independent hosting became apparent.

FV Player is almost the last platform-independent video player still standing. The argument in favour of FV Player is one of freedom. We intend to martial this argument as we believe in it. We will advocate for open standards and promote independent publishing in all its forms and specifically for video.

~ "Cool. Speak up for free speech. I’m in!"

It’s not quite that simple. That we’re in favour of free speech here, does not mean we believe in reverse discrimination, mass undocumented immigration and special rights for trans. All citizens should enjoy the right to good health care, education and equality before the law.

Here’s what you’d be expected to do:

- create case studies. This involves identifying and interviewing customers who would make good case studies.
- gather testimonials and positive reviews from customers as our support team interacts with them.
- research and prepare articles about video platforms, video hosting, video free speech issues. A good story for instance would be about a prominent video blogger or website which finds themselves de-platformed from YouTube and how they rebuild.
- promote our content on social media (Facebook, and Twitter potentially YouTube and LinkedIn).
- engage in forums talking about video hosting and freedom of speech quietly presenting what FV Player can offer: complete freedom to pick and choose and even mix hosting, entirely independent open-source software which the publisher owns and controls.
- manage newsletter subscription lists and to prepare and send a newsletter made up of new feature announcements and editorial content about video.

**Is this the right job for you?**

Here’s some views which would indicate this position would be a good fit for you:

- you believe in free speech, even when you disagree with the content of the speech
- you are disturbed how central banks have enabled the financial services industry to privatise profits while socialising losses
- you know the names of some of the NSA data collection operations exposed by Edward Snowden
- you have a healthy scepticism about the Covid-19 “vaccines” and the current political agenda to silence any scientific dissent
- you are very disturbed by the trend of US multinationals like Apple, Amazon and Google not paying their taxes in Europe on European business while small and medium-sized Slovak, French and other small businesses must pay all the taxes
- you don’t believe the EU needs a gilded royalty who live tax-free and with huge expense accounts at the expense of small business
- you are aware of your carbon footprint and strive to travel everywhere by bicycle or public transportation (including trains)
- you believe in the positive power of art to uplift and inspire people to become their better selves
- you believe in building a better world and believe in the potential of good

Here’s some views which would indicate this position would be a bad fit for you:

- you believe people are only motivated by money and self-interest
- you believe elected heads of state should be censored by social media technocrats
- you believe Apple protects our privacy
- you believe Google’s old motto of “Don’t be evil”
- despite not believing Google, you use Gmail as your primary email account
- you believe since “all companies spy”, there’s nothing practical any of us can do to protect our privacy
- you believe that women’s sport and women’s sports records should be dominated by men who “identify as women”
- you believe that antifa vandals should not be charged for violence or damage
- you believe that access to Ivy League education should be governed by racial quotas and not merit
- you believe that billionaires are different and should enjoy additional privileges such as not paying fuel tax for their private jets
- you and your family own multiple cars and are proud drivers who go everywhere by car

Employee perks, benefits

The position offers a base salary of €10/hour + bonuses + gourmet lunches every day. Bonuses are partially dependent on performance and particularly dependent on sales. The package is negotiable, depending on experience. For the right person, salary will not be a barrier.

Information about the selection process

Are you interested in this position? Don't hesitate to send us your CV along with a cover letter/note explaining why you would be a good fit for our company to [email protected]

Requirements for the employee

Candidates with education suit the position

University student
University education (Bachelor's degree)
University education (Master's degree)

Language skills

English - Upper intermediate (B2)

Personality requirements and skills

- you should be proficient in the use of at least one web publishing software. We use WordPress but if you are an expert user of Ghost, Typo3, Grav, Drupal, Joomla, Moveable Type or even Jekyll, Wix or Django, it won’t take long to develop expertise in WordPress.
- you should be an expert user of at least two of the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Gab.
- you should be capable of reading and understanding legal arguments for and against free speech and responding thoughtfully recognising the opposing argument
- your written English should be fluent and articulate. For better or worse, the language of the internet is English.


Most of the people working in Foliovision are fitness buffs who not only care about free speech but care about their diet and exercise. We eat well and take care of ourselves. We don’t suffer from drug or alcohol dependencies.

You’ll eat well and enjoy a flexible schedule to exercise.

As we’re a small team, it’s much better if you are a self-starter rather than someone who needs heavy supervision.


Brief description of the company

Foliovision develops FV Player, an open source, platform independent video player which helps small and medium sized publishers around the world share their message persuasively and successfully compete with huge media companies.

Number of employees

10-19 employees
ID: 4176850  Dátum zverejnenia: 6.10.2021  Základná zložka mzdy (brutto): 10 EUR/hour