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Austrália, Abroad - Others
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Job description, responsibilities and duties

Location: REMOTE (worldwide) or Melbourne, Australia
Compensation: A$120k to A$160k

About the role
We’re looking to add a senior .NET developer to lead the development of our Comparison Server and Desktop Compare products.

We prefer a remote hire, but we’re open to an on-site hire in our Melbourne office.

We’re looking for an experienced and self-reliant developer. We expect you to work a full time load of 38 hours per week and to be very productive during that time.

We understand you have a life outside work and we will respect your non-working and family time. You will have flexibility to schedule your work around your other obligations but you will usually work at a fixed time. If your work hours don’t have much overlap with Australian business hours, you will be flexible with scheduling meetings late at night or early in the morning.

We’re easy to work with. We're developer-led and make evidence-based decisions. We’re good at communication. We don’t have status meetings. We like writing things down. We love Slack. We have worked very successfully with remote developers before.

We do things right the first time, even if it takes a little longer. We don’t have much technical debt. From time to time we promise a feature to customer, but we otherwise don’t have many external deadlines.

We don’t need you to be on-call, except for when you push potentially breaking changes. Our service is very stable and we haven’t had any critical incidents that required urgent attention in the last few months.

About our technical stack
Our core algorithms and products are written in .NET (mostly C# with some F# and some C++). Otherwise, we have a fairly standard tech stack: Python (Django, Celery, SaltStack), React, PostgreSQL, Redis and RabbitMQ.

Where we're at

We are a small team.
We are the best at what we do and we love working with the best. We've been pleasantly surprised at the growth in inbound demand. So over the next 6 months, we plan to grow the team fast. Every new team member will have an essential role to play in shaping our company.

We have product-market fit.
Over the past year, we’ve refined our core technology to be above and beyond the market leaders. Our latest round of innovations will be deployed in early 2018.
We have talked to many customers, received feedback, and tested the market on various axes. We are now at the stage where we have a strong technological base and markets that we know need our products.

We are committed.
We are serious about our technology and products, and the value it brings to our users. As part of our investment in the company image, we're currently in the middle of a rebranding exercise.

We are growing.
The next step for us is to expand our product offerings and improve the existing ones. The most important parts of this are building our Comparison Server, a new product, and working towards a new version of our Desktop Compare tool.

Duties and Responsibilities

Lead our .NET development and take technical leadership for our Compare Server and our Desktop products. You will spend at least 80% of your time thinking about how to implement things and writing code.
Consult with our other engineers, our Product Lead, and other team members as necessary.
Assist with support, especially when it pertains to a technical issue or when it’s something important and we’re asleep.
From time to time, conduct training sessions via Webex with our customers’ engineers

Required skills

Great communication
Expert knowledge of .NET, especially multi-threaded programming
Willingness to dive into Python and Javascript code when necessary
Independent and self-reliant. You’re happy working on a task by yourself but you will take initiative to involve other team members when necessary.
Strong awareness of efficiency and computer science fundamentals (but you don’t need to know this stuff cold like a grad). Our algorithms are extremely optimized so that they're fast on large documents, which means we need to be really careful about the algorithms used and object code produced on critical paths.
Some things you might be doing in your first few months

Building the Comparison Server.
Rewrite the comparison display code in our Desktop Compare product. Currently it uses a separate code base to our other products but we want to embed our HTML/JS Comparison viewer so that we only have to work on one code base.
Consult with our User Experience Lead on a new feature. Assist our sysadmin with writing PowerShell to deploy the Comparison Server.
Adjust the tuning on our PDF header/footer detection code.

How to apply
Send a CV and cover letter/email to [email protected]

Requirements for the employee

Candidates with education suit the position

University education (Bachelor's degree)


Brief description of the company

Draftable makes document comparison software accessible to everyone.

We currently have three products/services:
Draftable Compare, a desktop tool for Windows (link)
Draftable Comparison API, a cloud-based API (link)
A free online service, under the hood this uses our Comparison API (link)
These products are all built upon the same underlying Draftable technological foundations: an accumulation of years of innovation, development and testing of technology that is faster, more accurate and more reliable than anything else out there.

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