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We are ICT specialists
For 20 years, connecting business and technology has been our guiding star. While being a technology specialist, we have always focused on your business objectives. Devoteam operates with market-leading partners and selects the best service offerings with high added value, enabling you to accelerate the growth of your business.

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We deliver services in five regions
As a human-sized company, we put people at the heart of the transformation and combine a traditional approach with advanced use of mobile and social network to connect them. Our regional approach, based on small local entities, ensures flexibility and a close relationship with your teams, while proposing industrialised service offering.

We connect our experts
Our excellence teams across EMEA deliver with high quality solutions with the latest proven technologies. Our consulting partners and subject matter experts inspire IT decision-makers and help them to take smart decisions.

We understand your market
From our roots in Telecom and Public Sector we have grown to help implement the best practices of new technology in retail, energy, utilities, services and finance.

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