Our Educational programs are striking a balance between theory and practice. Deutsche Telecom IT Solutions Slovakia provides a leading example of practice-oriented education. We offer a variety of opportunities for high school and university students, which are fitted for every individual and provide a great start up for a perfectly designed career path. After completing our programs, our graduates emerge as well-trained professionals who are familiar with everyday working life in our company. They know the ‘corporate culture’ and are already an integral part of the company’s networks.

Take advantage of all educational opportunities offered by DT IT Solutions Slovakia and become a well-trained professional.

Join our Dual Education Studies designed for all high school graduates Dual Education offers a three-year vocational study in the field of information and communication technology in cooperation with Secondary Technical School of Electrical Engineering in Košice. Experience a great advantage of theoretical learning with practical development of both hard and soft skills in an extensive practice in DT IT Solutions Slovakia.

Enjoy all advantages of Dual Education at T-Systems Slovakia:
  • No tuition fee needed – studies are for free
  • Notebook for every student
  • Monthly scholarship – up to 260 Euro
  • Paid working practice
  • Great access to latest technologies
  • Guaranteed job after graduation
  • 70% of learning time spent at DT IT Solutions Slovakia premises
  • "DiS" (diploma specialist) degree and Certificate from the Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Fachinformatiker"
  • Business management and principles of effective communication and teamwork trainings
Develop your outstanding career path with us.