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What does Akular do?

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We’re enabling Architects and Developers to better communicate real estate plans with stakeholders through AR (augmented reality).

Experience 3D digital models, real size, geo-located in the real world, using only phone or tablet.

What do we believe?
Support Each Other: We are committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment. We share a responsibility to support our team members and enrich their lives.

Get it done: Clients trust us to build things that work and we take that seriously. Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results.

Space for failure: The fastest way to succeed,” IBM’s Thomas Watson, Sr., once said, “is to double your failure rate.” We believe that failure is a prerequisite to invention. To develop a breakthrough product or process we need to create space for taking a risk and learn from subsequent mistakes.

Find A Better Way: A culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Constantly seeking personal and professional growth.

Embrace Change: We seek out, embrace, and get (un)comfortable in knowing that if we’re not continuously changing, evolving, and improving—we’re falling behind.

Self-Improvement: We are committed to continuous investments in the growth of our team members. We also ask our teams to actively take responsibility for their own self-development.

Integrity: We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.

Teamwork: We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together.

Work Ethic Wins: We believe the teams willing to put in the extra effort, go the extra mile, and are accountable for their actions, will be the ones who see their visions and dreams realized.

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