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Medicine - our brand was set up in august 2013. First clothes with new label were available on polish market in may 2013. Medicine belongs to polish company Brandbq Ltd. which is located in cracow. Our clothes are made by polish designers. We cooperate with famous artists who create for us unique limited collections.

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Medicine values creative approach to fashion. We choose what is most interesting in trends and we go one step further. We create original collections and unique prints, we cooperate with young artists. Medicine is an offer for those who want to wear clothes in accordance to the latest trends but do not agree on the routine.
For those who are constantly looking for something more. Medicine is a manifest of independence. Prints are our distinguishing

Retail network
There are more then 90 Medicine concept stores in poland - own stores and franchise.
In 2022 we are planning to open another several new shops.

Medicine is available in a network of mono and multibrand stores in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia, Tenerife and Australia. You can also buy medicine online in Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary.

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