C# .Net programmer Aerospace industry

Maybe you’ve dreamt about a job where your ability is used to its full potential? Great, we've got something to offer!

About the project

Our project is a suite of applications that are used around the world. It is for industrial customers from Aerospace and sheet metal industry. You may think that the manufacturing industry is not really exciting, but think again. This is surely one of the sectors that brings most challenges. As an example when there is an aeroplane accident investigation, even the smallest part must be traceable, not only where it was manufactured, but its complete manufacturing process from since material it was made of was born. You can imagine complexity and this is just a little part of it all.

What’s the team

Same as the project is international and customers are all over the world, so is the team. Apart from the reseller network, the development team is also multicultural. Official team language is English. But don’t worry if you are native Slovak speaker and you don’t feel comfortable with your spoken English, many team members are speaking Slovak as well. You can only benefit in improving your English over time. If you are not a Slovak speaker then your English must be at a decent communication level.

Your role

Software development in technologies that you like. C# and .Net. Apart from that as you grow your knowledge of the project, you may enjoy software architecture design and resolving real customer installation challenges.


There are thousands of customers using our applications. Let’s mention some greatest names ABB, BAE, Bell Helicopter, Bombardier, GE Aviation, General Electric, Quickstep Technologies, Siemens, Volvo, Lucent, John Deere and Ericsson.


Depending on your preference you may be working remotely or in our Bratislava office. Or choose a mix of mentioned. If you are remote we would like you to reside in Europe.


You will be welcome to join us on European biggest manufacturing exhibitions which are great to see the best of the best technology on the market in real action. These are also great to meet together.

If you will be based in Bratislava or not far away for you to travel here, you will be more than welcome to join us for the team building. We like to explore cities, take some challenges in nature or simply enjoy table football or virtual reality after work.

Your abilities

You must be open to challenges. Working on software for such a dynamic market that is living its fort revolution (Industry 4.0) requires some engagement. You must have some experience in some of listed below and you must be willing to learn the rest of it and even more that will come

  • c# coding and .Net framework for desktop apps
  • MS SQL
  • Entity framework
  • WPF / WinForms
  • Windows services
  • WCF


We are looking for colleagues with excellent potential. Someone who can become a great asset to the project. As you don’t need to know everything we offer compensation that will suit your level of experience. To give you an idea, Junior level from 1600€ , Medium experienced from 2200 €, Senior from 3000 €. As a solid asset you will become for the project that solid your compensation will be.

Our company

Analytica has been providing programming services since 2004. There are 2 “musts” in our company culture.
1. We must enjoy the work we do.
2. Customers must be satisfied with the work we deliver.

We’ve got a really friendly relationship with our customers. Don’t worry about corporate frustration here ;)

What’s next?

Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will schedule an interview as soon as possible. From there you are just a video call or personal interview far from your new professional journey!

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