GUI designers and developers

Place of work: Prievozská 4/A, Apollo BC II - B Block, Bratislava

What we do

At R&D center in Nokia Bratislava we are developing state-of-the-art technologies which allow our customers to move towards next generation of IP Networks by developing network management solutions and various features for large systems used by biggest network, content or telecom providers in the world.

We have many positions open in this area.

What are your job duties

We are looking for good GUI designers and developers top develop GUI software to our many software tools, applications and products. If you want to experiment with your artistic mind and visualize it, we encourage you to apply for these positions. The GUI can be web based or mobile device based. If you are good in designing as well as developing GUI, please apply.

What we are looking for

  • good in designing as well as developing GUI
  • Html, CSS, Javascript and Python/PHP development skills
  • knowledge of GUI test automation
  • experience with Linux environment

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