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Agreefy is a business to business company that provides innovative location-aware solutions to help businesses stand out. Our solutions are utilized in order to enhance customer experience, understand customer journeys, and improve business performance and efficiency.

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For Marketers and Business Developers, we utilize AI and Big Data to provide new levels of customer journey personalization which include pathway and traffic analysis, indoor navigation solutions, while focusing inbound and outbound marketing, and crowd management techniques. This is used to provide exceptional customer experience and improve operational efficiencies leading to better profitability, increased loyalty, and share of wallet at the end individual customer level.

Agreefy for Facility and Asset Managers is a location-based software offering asset management solutions - from tagging, to tracking, and locating - to accelerate processes, increase productivity, and profitability. A single, all-in-one platform with the possibility to seamlessly customize the tools you need to optimize for cost and accuracy.

At Agreefy, businesses gather insights into what is happening in the physical world, so it’s not an empty page anymore. We equip you with all the tools needed to understand and influence customers behaviors and asset movements on-site. We are the single point of contact for the lens into the physical world and combine a full suite of tools and features to create a scale that becomes affordable regardless of the size of your business.

You spend time and money on what matters most, your business, while our tools guide you along the way.

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