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Procurement Operations Agent with Dutch language

What will be your responsibility:
The Procurement Operations Agent will be responsible to manage on daily basis the purchasing requests in scope for the Tactical Buy Team and triage the workload according to standard procedures and by following the client procurement and purchasing policies.

Operational Roles’ Duties and Responsibilities
The Procurement Operations Agent will manage the purchasing requests and triage them appropriately according to established procedures and client procurement policies within set turn-around-time and quality, report or escalate issues or delays (when required) that cannot be resolved in line with defined procedures.
Manage Purchase requisitions and perform quality check/triage process:
o Manage purchase requisitions quality check (i.e. completeness, accuracy, compliance) according to defined procedures and policies
o Record compliance performance and perform reconciliations with requestors if applicable/when required
o Update purchase requisition when required
o Manage PO exception process, guiding non-compliant end-users / vendors in correct process and taking action to resolve open issues, escalating as needed
o Purchase requisitions and status of progress tracking and reporting support
o Support Senior Buyer with low/medium complexity purchases

Manage proactivity and professional relationship:
o Demonstrate and use professional knowledge of the client procedures to fulfill client requests with minimal support required
o Develop professional relationship with client users through the extend to be able to support demand generation
o Proactively initiate follow-up via call or email and regularly provide an update to the users about tactical buy status of progress and estimated resolution timeline
o Regularly update the status of progress of work in progress requests in the tracking/reporting tool
o Escalate on time issues which can’t be resolved independently to direct manager
o Fulfill administrative tasks when required by the direct manager

Client Communication:
o Provide timely, accurate and relevant information to client
o Attain to professional and efficient communication towards client users and stakeholders
o Ensure the continuous improvement of response time to users/vendors and stakeholders
o Have full scale knowledge to be able recommend the most appropriate solution for the client

Deliver quality service to client:
o Improve client satisfaction measured through client satisfaction survey
o Continuously increase client satisfaction by improvement of performance
o Identify the best service solutions in order to increase the client satisfaction

Other responsibilities:
o Support reporting requirements
o Recommend updates to procedures and user’s guide to supervisor
o Recommend process improvements/optimization opportunities where applicable/feasible
o Escalate issues and seeks advise when faced with non-standard issues
o Able to recognize and act on non-standard situations and adapt work to business goals
o Share knowledge and experience with others and with new joiners as well
o Develop working relationships, professionalism and facilitate a positive working environment
o Support new joiners training program if required
o Follow HR policies and procedures such as: vacation policy, dress code policy, working time, code of conduct etc.
o Take ownerships and responsibility for daily tasks and execute daily work to completion
o Internal/External Audit support for own work
What we are looking for:
• Very good written and spoken English and Dutch language
• Strong Team player with great social skills, interacting freely between internal team and client functions
• Strong communication skills
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Ability to work under pressure
• Knowledge of MS Office programs
• Bachelors/University Degree preferably with a demonstrable track record of commercial international experience in buying goods/commodities
• Procurement and analytical background with 2-3 years’ experience in procurement area and 1-2 years as a buyer in a middle sized or large organization

Working Dimension:
• Working hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Place of Work:
Type of Employment:
Employment start date:
upon agreement
Have you found yourself in the profile?
Do you have the right qualification? Do you like working in a team? You have a great opportunity to join Services part of Accenture and become part of the global leader.
Brief description of the company
Who are we?
Accenture is one of the most respected brands in the business world. We are a global leader in Management Consulting, Systems Integration, Software Development and Management and Business Processes Outsourcing. Our clients include the world's largest companies and we advise them what to do to obtain higher revenues, lower costs and to have more satisfied customers.
Become part of our Outsourcing Services. Our aim is not only to ensure the operation of key business functions, but also constantly seek opportunities to improve them and thus help our clients achieve better results in comparison with their competitors.
Do you like working in a team? Would you like to have large and prestigious companies as your client, including 94 Fortune Global 100? Would you like to have the possibility of long-term professional development and career advancement based on your performance review? Right now you have a great opportunity to become part of the global unit.

What will you get?
  • Friendly young team
  • Training program
  • Subsidized meal vouchers
  • Special package of banking products
  • Recommend-a-Friend - get a bonus in the employee referral program
  • Wedding and new baby bonus
  • Paid overtime or overtime vacation
  • Loyalty presents
  • Three self-recovery days without doctor's note
  • Sick leave compensation
  • Teambuilding activities
  • Diners club - private credit cards
Please send us your CV in English or register online on our web site. After receiving your CV we will review it and respond to you in the period between 7 to 21 days. In case you are going to be rejected, we will keep your CV in our database for possible contact in the future. If you are matching the requirements of this position, we will invite you for a personal interview. Please send your CV via Reply button below. If you are interested to know more, please visit www.accenture.sk.

We are grateful to all candidates that are willing to work for our company, but we will contact only those who fit our requirements.
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