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As Talent Fulfillment associate you’ll be part of HR Scheduling team which main responsibility is to find suitable position for our employees on client project.
In this role, you will cover following activities:
• Ensure accurate data entry in our internal scheduling tools
• Make scheduling decisions considering and balancing our principles and always reflecting our Core Values
• Manage roll of dates/confirm extension in current roles and manage individual chargeability of people in their resource pool
• Manage and track people productivity metrics such as chargeability, bench, average time to fill demands for their respective resource pool
• Fulfilling roles assigned to respective resource pools start with the resources in own resource pool and when necessary considers all sourcing channels in filling roles (e.g. other resource pools, contractors, new joiners, etc.)
• Getting people staffed under these resource pools with respect and/or support individual people to their needs, preferences, skills, etc. and matching them to roles accordingly
• Proactively communicate availability of people/skills and push to schedule available resource
• Support Client Supply/Demand Specialist in defining, identifying and evaluating candidates for open resource requests; and filling resource requirements. May work directly with client team executives when that is more effective
• Meet challenging/key timelines

In addition to the above-mentioned responsibilities – Talent Fulfillment associate aligned to the Code of Ethics will work to define standard processes, best practices, tools, training, and technology requirements to better enable the activities outlined above.


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