1. Junior Infrastructure Consultant
  2. ServiceNow Consultant - Košice
  3. Senior Infrastructure Consultant
  4. Junior Technology Consultant
  5. Data Science Analytics Analyst
  6. Senior ServiceNow Consultant - Košice
  7. Junior Consultant

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Consulting opportunity for students

What will be your responsibility:
•Staneš sa súčasťou projektového tímu (3-5 členov), ktorý pracuje pre niektorého z našich klientov na Slovensku (v Bratislave) v oblasti stratégie, organizačných zmen, analýzy a návrhov riešení v oblasti Marketing, Sales a Customer Service.

•Pracovná náplň bude napríklad zahŕňať definíciu hypotéz a ich validáciu, analýzu dát (kvantitatívnu a kvalitatívnu), prípravu prezentácií a podobne
What we are looking for:
· Veľmi dobré analytické myslenie a schopnosť pracovať s dátami (zber, spracovanie, analýza, interpretovanie)
· Komunikačné zručnosti
· Vysoké pracovné nasadenie a prirodzená chuť pracovať v tíme
· Ochota a schopnosť rýchlo sa učiť nové veci
· Anglický jazyk na velmi dobrej úrovni
Place of Work:
Type of Employment:
Employment start date:
upon agreement
Have you found yourself in the profile?
Do you have the right qualification? Do you like working in a team? You have a great opportunity to join Consulting part of Accenture and become part of the global leader.
Brief description of the company
Who are we?
  • Accenture is a leading management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company
  • We help our clients, including 94 of the Fortune Global 100, become more successful in everything they do – from strategic planning to day-to-day operations
  • We are one of Universum’s “World’s Top 50 Most Attractive Employers”
  • We are worldwide # 1 in Systems Integration Services according to IDC
  • We are a global leader in SAP Implementation Services according to Forrester
  • We are recognized by Ethisphere Institute as one of the „World‘s Most Ethical Companies“
  • You will become part of our Accenture Technology Solutions workforce, which employs serious technology enthusiasts who focus on application development, systems administration work and software maintenance providing practical programming and technology implementation for business
What will you get?
  • Interesting and exciting work
  • Big and prestigious companies, including 94 of Fortune Global 100, as your clients
  • Smart colleagues and informal culture
  • Motivating salary and benefit package
  • Various and highly valued practical experiences
  • Wide range of leading-edge trainings (we offer around 80 percent more training hours than our competitors)
  • Unique company culture based on respect to individual and formed by code of ethics
  • Regular promotion process based on a transparent assessment of your performance
  • Career counselor who will guide you to develop and direct you professional career
  • Opportunity to help the community via various volunteering activities or get support for your non-profit projects via our annual Employee Grant Program
  • Lot of fun at various social and sporting events
Please send us your CV in English or register online on our web site. After receiving your CV we will review it and respond to you in the period between 7 to 21 days. In case you are going to be rejected, we will keep your CV in our database for possible contact in the future. If you are matching the requirements of this position, we will invite you for a personal interview. Please send your CV via Reply button below. If you are interested to know more, please visit www.accenture.sk.

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