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C++ Developers for an International Opportunity - Spain

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Are you ready to achieve the best results in a competitive market, and take the initiative to steer your career development? Accenture will give you the opportunity to work in an international environment and in different locations like Madrid, Málaga or Nice. This is real!

We are looking for C++ professionals interested in developing his/her career in software development, with previous experience working with JAVA language. We will also value if you come from a prestigious IT University/ College.

If you are open minded, a good communicator, an autonomous worker with initiative ... This is the perfect opportunity for you!

Accenture is seeking C++ Developers to work in a fast-paced, Agile environment for a multinational Travel IT provider with strong presence in the South East Coast of France. The ideal candidate will participate in the full Agile application development life cycle for new development design, construction and testing of Java applications, and reusable components to support overall project objectives. The home location would be Madrid, Malaga or Nice areas but with options to travel regularly to other client locations worldwide.

Key Responsibilities:

• As an Agile team member:

o Perform the development of the assigned tasks in the sprint following the client standards and Accenture Methodology.
o Document the application to facilitate maintenance.
o Perform the Component Test of his deliverables and participate in the Integration Product Test, Regression Test and User Acceptance Test.
o Fix any defects and performance problems discovered in testing.

• As a Tester:
o Develop test scripts, test conditions, input test data, and expected results the test plans. These scripts are composed of Manual and Automated test scripts.
o Execute test scripts for Component Test, Integration Product Test and Regression Test. Also provide support to the client in the execution of User Acceptance Test.
o Record problems and issues.
o Work with the Scrum Master and product Owner to resolve any issues that arise out of the testing process
o Validate product fixes.
o Inform the Product Owner of any issues that may affect the schedule, budget, quality of the product or the testing process.
o Drives the Integration Product Test and the Regression testing. Will also support the Product Owner in the User Acceptance Test.
Čo požadujeme:

• Engineering degree in Computer Science or related field, or a comparable experience
• Proficiency in English is a must (official language for the client). French is a plus.
• Teamwork collaborative under Agile methodology
• Willingness to travel
• Client-oriented
• Good organizational skills
• Solid Time Management skills
• Ability to adapt to continuous change and work in a fast-paced, client-focused environment
• Strong communication skills (both oral and written) for client-facing activities
• Works effectively with tight deadlines
• Experience with a wide variety of testing tools and techniques
• SCRUM developer Certification

Technical Skills:

• As part of Web Application Developments team, individuals will possess and develop skills in some/all of the following:
• C++
• Unix / shellscript
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Please send us your CV in English or register online on our web site. After receiving your CV we will review it and respond to you in the period between 7 to 21 days. In case you are going to be rejected, we will keep your CV in our database for possible contact in the future. If you are matching the requirements of this position, we will invite you for a personal interview. Please send your CV via Reply button below. If you are interested to know more, please visit

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