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  1. Hľadá sa Tajný agent/agentka na Profesia days KošiceKasárne/Kulturpark, Kukučínova 2, Košice - Juh

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For 25 years we have been here for people on their way to a new job. Our mission is to connect people looking for a new job opportunity with employers looking for new colleagues and make the process as easy as possible. We run the most visited job portal in Slovakia, However, our portfolio consists of more products that improve the labour market such as: with salary data and benefits, with job ads in education, or, an online tool for employee management and document creation. You can meet us in person at Profesia days job fairs, or at the HR conference Trh práce. Find out more about us at our company webpage.

In 2012, we became a part of the Finnish media company Alma Media. Together we continue our path, we gradually grow bigger and expand our product portfolio. The newest addition is Roster, a smart online tool for recruitment in the HORECA industry.

In Profesia, we monitor labour market trends and we adapt to stay on top. We have passion for innovations, we improve our products and develop new ones. At our core, we stay true to our values such as humanity and joy, open communication, honesty, respect, we value the work of everyone in our company and we believe in the vision - to have the best answer to every question about jobs.

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