About BBG

We are an international house of brands operating on 26 markets and 3 continents, with offices all over the world: from Berlin to Istanbul, from Bratislava to Hong Kong. We are managing 14 brands – and you have certainly heard about our flagship brand, Klarstein. Although the home and kitchen appliances are our forte, we also design and manufacture sports equipment, high-end and everyday audio, as well as outdoor furniture.

BBG Benefits

Ideal environment to work and play in

choose the workplace, that fits you best – stand-up desk, quiet zone or treadmill desk, you name it. And if you need to “recharge batteries”, use the massage chair, or play table football, billiards or PlayStation with your colleagues.

Health first

We believe in the old saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. And we also live by it – everyone gets a Multisport card (access to gyms, massages, etc.), as well as fully refunded Slovnaft BAjk bike sharing subscription, access to fresh fruits and fruit/vegetable juices.

30 % off everything BBG

We want our people to have first-hand experience with BBG products. Choose anything you need, a blender, a treadmill or something in between.

Better every day

We know, that company growth is intertwined with growth of our teams. Learn new languages, study a professional course, increase your qualification. We will gladly support you in your personal and professional growth.

makes us unique

For more than 10 years we are working like this

We are

Our products are designed by inhouse design team in Berlin, and we are bringing modern German design to households all around the globe . Innovations are in our DNA, manifesting not only in our innovative products, but also in our different view of customer support, and inner workings of the company itself .

We are

Development and production of our products is also in our hands . We already have more than 2500 products in our portfolio, and still counting!Every one of them finds a new way to help our customers .

We withstand
by our customers all the way

We take care of our products from the first draft to everyday use in hands of our customers . It does not end with purchase – our customer support team, consisting of native speakers from 8 countries of central and eastern Europe, makes sure, that every issue gets resolved, and customers can speak to someone in their native tongue . and our workplace benefits from such diversity as well – multinational team is one of the things we are proud of .

What do we look
for in future employees

Because we manage the whole product lifecycle from design to delivery, we’re always on the lookout for diverse group of people. You can manage our warehouse or PPC campaigns, lift up our brand awareness or number of parcels delivered on time.

But regardless of the position, we will expect you to:

Have a team

We believe that right people know how to do what is right for business. And they will do it on their own, if we give them right tools and responsibility. We expect you to rely on your colleagues and their expertise, and that they will be able to rely on you as well.

Be ready to build things from ground up

Although we are not a small company, we are young and fast-growing. Processes are still fluid, hierarchy is not set in stone, neither is your position. If you’ll find any nook or cranny, and you feel you can be most useful to the team while helping to achieve our goals, you are welcome to do so.

Be willing to see things
from a new perspective

We are in a fast-paced business, and we must be always step ahead. And you must be step ahead of us. We believe, that finding new points of view on every aspect (from routine filling out of the forms all the way to the distribution of products) is the best way how to stay in the lead.

Have we just described you?

Don’t hesitate and scroll through our open positions. And if you’ll find anything fitting, be sure to send us a message and a CV!

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