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Muziker runs a successful E-shop in 26 European countries and a network of 12 large retail stores in the biggest shopping centers in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since 2018, MUZIKER has started with continuing integration of different product categories to its business, starting with golf equipment, sailing and yachting, bikes and other technological gadgets.

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Muziker sales staff consists mostly of experienced musicians, sport enthusiasts or people passionate about their lives, who are always willing and ready to give advice and to answer any question. They have years of experience and expertise, and although very professional, their approach and attitude as well as the dress code is very informal. #PeopleOfMuziker are playful by nature and they form a strong community, the evidence of this can be seen on Muziker Facebook profile or on our Instagram profile which are followed by more than 130,000 fans together.

If you think you are a right fit for our company, do not hesitate to send us your CV! Even if there is not a position free that would match your interests, we want to hear about you.

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