Description of the company

FUERGY aims to efficiently manage prosumer’s energy outflow and inflow through the sophisticated hardware and AI-powered software. Built-in AI algorithms optimize the usage of green energy production, consumption and storage. When needed, the FUERGY Device automatically detects the counterpart for the electric energy sharing. It supports the creation of local energy communities, helps to support grid stability and provides uninterruptible power supply. Blockchain also ensures transparency, security and data integrity.

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Our vision is to create an entirely new, smarter way of generating and consuming electric energy by transforming the energy industry... and making YOU a part of it!

The mission is to reinvent how people utilize and share electric energy to accelerate the transition to sustainable renewables. Our goal is to shift from conventional electricity consumers to innovative green power prosumers who will produce, consume and share energy effectively. We aim to provide AI-powered solutions that are connected, secure and predictive, while leaving a smaller footprint on the world.

Your home, your choice! Develop a smarter way that makes a positive difference. Empower people to be more efficient and effective in generating and sharing electric energy, while being independent and responsible.

“We are living in the future of energy. Are you?” Radoslav Štompf, CEO at FUERGY

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