Terms of Using the Websites of the Profesia Company and Protection of Copyright and Other Similar Rights

The Company Profesia, spol. s r.o., registered on the address Pribinova 19, 811 09 Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as the “PROFESIA Company”), the operator of the following websites:


(hereinafter referred to as “Websites”) entitles the visitors of the Websites to use documents, articles, information, images or any other data (hereinafter referred to as “Documents”) from the Websites, under the condition that whenever the Documents are used, the exact source of the information, especially the entire title of the Websites and of the company operating them and the date of obtaining the information, is always given in a suitable manner. With each use of the Documents, good legibility of the information source used, as well as the same colour, size, font type, style and the same background are to be maintained.

The use of the Website Documents is possible exclusively for the purposes of obtaining information, for personal use and noncommercial purposes. The used Documents shall not be copied nor publicly displayed in any networked computer, nor broadcast in any type of media, nor made otherwise accessible to the public. The Documents shall not be edited in any way, nor used in any way for public or commercial purposes.

Documents that fall under the definition of a work or contain any other intellectual property rights are protected pursuant to the Act No. 618/2003 Coll., the Copyright Act and Related Rights (The Copyright Act) and other relevant acts, international agreements and treaties and their unauthorized use may result in the breach of copyright or other similar rights.

The design and structure of the Websites as well as their source code are also subject to copyright. Any full or partial copying and imitation of elements used in the Websites without prior written agreement of the PROFESIA Company is prohibited. No logos, graphic solutions or images nor any other information from the Websites may be copied or distributed in any other way without prior written agreement of the PROFESIA Company.

The PROFESIA Company is the author of any databases published or accessible on the Websites. Without prior written agreement of the PROFESIA Company, it is not allowed to perform the following:

  1. Transferring permanently or temporarily the entire contents of the database or its significant part on any other storage media through any means or in any way,
  2. Publishing the entire contents of the database or its significant part through any form of distribution, online connection or through any other means of transmission.

The Database user may not use the database use in ways other than is usual and appropriate, without harming the justified interests of the PROFESIA Company.

In the same way, the Database user may not damage the author or any other authorized person who owns the intellectual property rights to the works or to other objects of legal protection contained in the Database according to relevant legal regulations.

The PROFESIA Company does not guarantee the currency, accuracy, relevance and completeness of the information contained in the Documents published in the Websites. The Documents are provided in the wording given on the Websites without any guarantees.

The PROFESIA Company is not liable for any direct, indirect or subsequent damages, nor for any damages incurred through the loss of usability, through loss of income even in the case of a contractual obligation, through neglect of duty, or through another illegal action, that could have arisen in conjunction with the use of the Documents and/or information contained therein. In the same way, the PROFESIA Company is not liable for damages related to the use of the Websites.

Documents published in the Websites may contain inaccuracies and typing mistakes. Changes are regularly introduced into Documents, while the PROFESIA Company reserves the right, at any time, to update the published information or to terminate their availability without any prior notification.

Some links on the Websites point beyond the Websites. The PROFESIA Company does not control the servers to which those links direct, and therefore, it is in no way liable for the content or for facts related to any particular web server to which the links lead.

The Users themselves carry the expenses for using the Websites and any other expenses related to displaying and using the Documents. Advertising of business partners of the PROFESIA Company is part of the Websites, it is presented on the basis of a contractual relationship between the PROFESIA Company and the advertisers and does therefore not constitute unsolicited advertising.

The terms of using the services of the PROFESIA Company are regulated in the General Commercial Terms and Conditions of the PROFESIA Company.

The wording of the terms is binding. All rights that are not expressly granted are reserved to the PROFESIA Company.